Cathcart Boulevard Public School 6'' Red Poinsettia

Plants will be ready for pick up or delivery starting December 1. Buy a 6'' Red Poinsettia and Praill's Greenhouse will make a donation to Cathcart Boulevard Public School
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General Poinsettias Care Poinsettias are living plants, and need to be treated properly to ensure the survival of the plants. Make sure that if it is cold outside, the vehicle used to transport the plants home is warm. The protective sleeve on the plant is there to protect it from wind damage, not the cold. Poinsettias should not be left in a cold vehicle, they should go from a warm building to warm vehicle, and into a warm house as soon as possible. Remove the protective sleeve as soon as inside the house. Poinsettias want bright indirect light, away from furnace vents if possible. Water the plants as needed to keep the soil moist, but not wet, approximately every 3 to 5 days. The darker and cooler the room, the less water it needs. Poinsettias will come with a pot cover, usually gold or green. These are leak proof and will hold water, make sure water does not collect in the bottom. We advise 5 to 10 minutes after watering that they be emptied out so that water does not collect in the bottom.
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