Safer's® BTK Biological Insecticide Conc

Kills all types of caterpillars and worms (Bacillus thuringiensis var Kurstaki).
Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is highly specific to some kinds of caterpillars. Treat caterpillars when they first appear and are actively feeding for best results. Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is most effective when caterpillars are small and young. This product is not effective on adult moths. Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide is a stomach poison and therefore must be ingested by the caterpillar to be effective. After ingestion of a sufficient product dose, feeding stops immediately and death will follow in 2-5 days. Add some water to the sprayer and then add the correct amount of Safer’s BTK™ Biological Insecticide.
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